Anticipating Introversion

As an insomniac introvert with OCD, you would think I’d been planning for quarantine my whole life.

Not true.

I was just starting to get on my feet again when we were floored for a time. I didn’t work at all last week, because my child was not at all well. No such thing as paid sick leave at my temp job. So we were already in a rough spot with money and hadn’t gone grocery shopping in weeks when the panic hit Idaho. Thank you, my heavily weighted credit cards. I owe you a debt (ha! I kill me).  I managed to hit up Fred Meyer for about an hour or so before I started to have a panic attack and needed to check out. I have never bought such random food in my life, I sure hope my little family likes Italian sausage.

To make matters worse, V, who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), is worried about my mother and grandmother in light of the pending pandemic. I am worried too. I am trying very hard to keep my own anxieties in check. But it’s 6:30am on Saturday, I’ve been up since 4:15am, and I have already finished laundry and reorganized my closet.

The cats woke me for breakfast this morning. Starlight, the striped one, likes to knock pens and other random objects off of dressers and desks in order to wake me up. It works. She is a smart little bugger.

Starlight, keeping the bills warm until they hatch and (hopefully) fly away. Joke credit: Jim

Mona Lisa, the tuxedo kitty, goes for a more subtle approach, she hogs the pillow on which I lay my head and purrs loudly. Note her lovely white “smile,” due to which her rescuers named her after the famous painting.

That smile knocks my socks off. Her toe beans are pink AND black, btw.

Frank, the 22-lb orange tomcat, simply gets up to bully the girls after they’ve already woken me. He is large and in charge. An interesting fellow, quite possibly the nastiest cat I’ve ever met. He purrs while he chomps at you.

Frank is the illest

Frank is currently scrapping outside with another cat. I tried to get him to come in. He refused.

So what will I do while housebound? Vi and I plan on singing on YouTube. Our voices blend well. A gentleman in a group online said he might do a podcast with his son. My Vi is an experienced YouTube and TikTok user so perhaps we will follow suit. I already have a Facebook page called “V and C TV” dedicated to this very idea, perhaps we will update it. We can also chronicle Frank’s weight loss journey and the nonexistent love triangle going on between the cats.

Also, my love gifted me the David Sedaris MasterClass for Christmas. I need to finish that up and read all the books that I’ve been accumulating since my divorce. I also need to keep up with all of Vi’s appointments. We have an in-home assessment coming up Monday that I really should clean the house for.

In short, we will stay busy. And try not to buy into the growing panic by taking common-sense measures. And we will feast on Ramen noodles, which never meets objection from the child anyway.



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