Psoriasis. Hard to say, even harder to spell.

Joined the psoriasis group online to learn more about my newly-diagnosed disorder. And guess what? The fatigue I’m having may be due to the fact that autoimmune disorders suck.

Cue doctor house–at least it’s not lupus, right?

Could be worse. But I need to learn to control (or at least better manage) my stress levels. Of course, yoga and kale are suggested. And this time, I’m taking this advice seriously. Couldn’t hurt, might help. NOT A CURE.

Saw this terrifying article. Had shingles in June. Which came first, the autoimmune disorder or the shingles? Chicken, or egg? They appear to be part of the same bird. Doesn’t help that I’ve been running around like recently decapitated poultry. At least the risk of stroke has passed.

So. What else have I learned? Oh, yes. Don’t eat or drink anything that might be considered “fun.” No salt. No excess. No alcohol. I’ve been meaning to get more fruits and vegetables into my diet anyway. Exercise, of course. Avoid stress.

Bought a fancy paint-by-numbers set. Am determined to actually use one of my four exercise mats. Have a yoga DVD downstairs. My only real exposure to yoga was the P90X version. I definitely need something less extreme.

And, of course, research. I heard turmeric can reduce inflammation, and I bought two bottles yesterday. Vitamin D. Plenty of rest. Ha! I woke up at 3am for no discernible reason this morning. Good luck to me.

What bothers me the most is that, other than prescribing an ointment for the thick patches of skin, the doctor said nothing about psoriasis causing my other symptoms. But every person who commented on my post in the group said that fatigue is definitely present, and often debilitating. I was sure I had COVID the week before last, because I have never been so tired. Not even when my kid was born. Not even in the sleep-deprived weeks leading to my hospital stay.

In honor of Halloween, I am bone tired.

At least it wasn’t the shingles coming back. YET. Haha. So in addition to the mental maladies, I have added autoimmune disorder and asthma to my list of chronic illnesses. Apparently I am an avid ailment collector.

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