In a dark place

All right, boys and girls. Everything in this blog post is going to be talk to text. This Ohta be fun. So, the third time I called the neurologist office, they informed me that my referral was declined. The reason why is because that specialist does not treat people with my condition. You would think that the ophthalmologist office would have figured that out before referring me, but no.

I heard from my physicians office in the last hour. They say there are only two or three specialists that deal with the eye and the brain in the area. I am hopeful that at least one of them treats photophobia. The last ophthalmologist visit I had, the ophthalmologist said we could just hope this went away as mysteriously as it occurred. That is not very encouraging to me.

I am concerned that I have seen six doctors in the course of the last month for this condition, and no one has no idea what to do about it. They don’t even know what specialist to refer me to. Their only plausible explanation was that it was caused by a medication side effect, but I have gone off all my meds including my antihistamines at one point, and nothing has helped.

And now the medical bills are starting to come in. I am hopeful that my secondary insurance will cover some of the large cost that they completely useless ER visit incurred. If not, I may soon be forced to file for medical bankruptcy or the like. So I’m hopeful that at least some of it will get covered. But it’s not fun to be in a dark place, literally and figuratively.

If anyone knows anything about photophobia, send the information my way. I may have to have somebody else read it, but at least it would be a start. In the meantime, I am going to try to find some fun things to do they don’t involved having to use my eyes. Thank you for letting me vent.

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