My New “Normal”

My thumbs are numb already but I did want to post a quick PSA. Keep fighting and advocating for yourself if you know something isn’t right with your body. I had to inquire twice about a cyst and now, as it turns out, I need to have the cyst and an organ removed.

Since the specialist can’t confirm that the cyst is not cancerous until he takes it out, I’m going to have them investigate my infamous spleen cyst. The cyst they keep saying is a calcified breast implant even though I’ve never had implants. The one they caught on imaging two years ago, when I started getting really sick. And yet they didn’t even mention it to me. The one that is theorized to be from a spleen hematoma even though I can’t recall having an injury to that area. The one that hurts very intensely off and on with no rhyme or reason.

From what I’ve been able to search, complications from spleen cysts aren’t common. But I’ve had some rare symptoms and diagnoses lately. So when they say something is “normal” I keep in mind that three specialists have said “geneticist” and suggested referrals out of state. I can’t decide whether I’m an odd duck or a rare bird. Why not both?

So I don’t end on a grumpy note, here is my cat thinking really hard about causing some chaos. Happy Sunday, all.

A cat sits on a windowsill staring into a kitchen sink.
Starlight thinking really hard
A cat sits on a windowsill staring into a kitchen sink. There is a large pink orchid in the sink.
No orchids were harmed in the capturing of this image.

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